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Hey everypony!

I hope your summer is starting well.

I'm sure that for those of you who go to summer camp, the camp season starts in a few days. I'd like to let everypony know, my camp starts June 26th, so from then until sometime mid-August, the group will be somewhat quiet. This doesn't mean nothing from the group, it just means nothing from me. Starting June 25th, the group will be set up so everything is automatically accepted, which means I am hoping that art will be submitted to the correct gallery folder.

Also, I was thinking of holding a little contest to find a good Co-Founder. Any thoughts on that? Leave a comment on this journal if you do or don't want the contest, and if enough ponies wanna do that, then I'll post another group journal with more info on that.

But back to the topic of Gallery Folders. I would like to point out that while it makes art simple to find, some ponies are getting confused over which folder to submit art to. Therefore, the following part of this will inform you where to put what, and maybe make submitting art a bit easier. Also, today I'll be organizing the folders, so if I see art in the wrong folder, I'll remove it and leave a comment on the art asking you to resubmit it to the correct folder.


:bulletblack: Featured: Please, submit your art here if and only if you don't know where to submit it. If you plan on submitting it here, then it has to be either cause you're not sure which folder it goes to, or the folder it belongs to is full.

:bulletpurple: Twilight Sparkle: Obvious enough, art of the magic element of friendship goes here. If it is regular Twilight, Twilight cosplay, alicorn Twilight by herself, or Twilight in any other form, this is the folder it should be put into.

:bulletblue: Rainbow Dash: According to Rainbow Dash, this art folder is 20% cooler than the rest of the gallery. Art of the loyal pegasus goes here.

:bulletyellow: Fluttershy: The pony representing the element of kindness. Art of the very timid pegasus goes here.

:bulletorange: Applejack: Element of Honesty. The hard working earth pony's art goes here.

:bulletpink: Pinkie Pie: Pinkie Pie and Pinkamina Diane Pie are put into this folder. This is for art of the element of laughter. Warning, party at your own risk!

:bulletwhite: Rarity: The generous, fashionable, high-maintenance unicorn's art goes neatly into this folder.

:bulletgreen: Spike: Everyponies favorite little dragon. Eats gems, crushes on Rarity, assists Twilight, etc.

:bulletred: Equestria Royalty: This is the place for any CANNON prince/princess/king/queen. That includes Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Nightmare Moon, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombre, etc. Alicorn Twilight is only to be submitted here if somepony listed before is also in the picture, otherwise it goes in the Twilight Sparkle Folder.

:bulletblack: Cutie Mark Crusaders: Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Babs Seed go in here. It can be them currently, it could be after they get their cutie marks. No OC CMCs in this folder, only cannon CMCs.

:bulletblue: Derpy and Dr. Whooves: Art of Derpy and/or Dr. Whooves in here please. In here, not in background ponies. In here.

:bulletpink: Octavia and DJ-P0N3: These friend get their own folder, Octavia and DJ-P0N3/Vinyl Scratch. Octavia and/or DJ-P0N3.

:bulletwhite: Crossovers: That's when you mix MLP:FiM with other characters. It can be either outside characters as ponies, or My Little Pony characters as outside things. Ex. characters from The Hunger Games as ponies, the mane 6 in Adventure Time, etc.

:bulletgreen: OCs: Finally! This is where you put OCs (Original Characters). No matter the pegasus/unicorn/earth pony/alicorn/filly/colt/stallion/mare/dragon/etc. it goes here! OCs with other OCs go here. OCs with cannon characters go in the 2+ Ponies folder.

:bulletorange: Genderbent: Where mares become stallions, where fillies become colts, where a male pony becomes female. Here is where your gender is the opposite of what it normally is!

:bulletpurple: Not Ponies: Hey look at this! Dragons, bunnies, cows, butterflies, squirrels, bears, turtles, maybe even a phoenix or two. If it's an animal that's not a pony, this is it's home.

:bulletyellow: 2+ Ponies: If there are two or more ponies that are not the entire mane 6, or isn't completely made up of Royalty, it goes here. Two or more OCs go in the OC folder. Shipping goes in here. Apple Family goes in here. Enemies go in here. OCs with cannon characters are allowed in here.

:bulletblack: Tom and Bloomberg: Tom the Rock and Bloomberg the Tree are clearly MLP:FiM's most important characters.

:bulletred: Mane 6: The Elements of Harmony all together. Applejack:Honesty, Fluttershy:Kindness, Pinkie Pie:Laughter, Rainbow Dash:Loyalty, Rarity:Generosity, and Twilight Sparkle:Magic. Allows 'em in any form, except Equestria Girls form. That goes in the Equestria Girls folder.

:bulletblue: Equestria Girls: Any and all ponies in Equestria Girls form. That includes OCs!

:bulletpink: Discord and Trixie: Discord and/or Trixie. The Great and Powerful Trixie did not like being mixed in with the other minor characters, but wasn't too happy about sharing a folder with Discord. Too bad!

:bulletwhite:Literature: Poetry, prose, fanfics, journals, etc. If you have to read it, it goes in here.

Hope this made folders easier!
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Ah, k. Cause normally i draw things with pencil and stuff, and i edit it one computer, but its kinda hard so i dont really like coloring XD
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